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About Mymobnet!

Hi! Welcome to the About page of Mymobnet! ~

What is Mymobnet!  ?
For about 4 years, a Team has been busy on a project, one which would turn out to be most resourceful and strangely: technically entertaining. That project we called Mymobnet! and welcome to our world of Tech!

The original idea was to create an E-guide vault for Tech consumers, such a unique Technology blog that everyone could call their own and of course we cherish a carefully worked design that will make our readers call Mymobnet! home! We are still on the original vision: You can now ask any tech related question on Mymobnet!

We grow Startups in Nigeria

We grow Startups in Nigeria

Before we came here, the few Tech blogs (compared to what we have now) fed only half of the Tech savvy web surfers with online guide as regard to Tech products. Then Mobile phone review blogs only reviewed products from world class companies like Apple, Samsung, Sony, etc. and virtually said nothing in detail about other upcoming but popular brands like Tecno and Gionee. We sort of bridged this gap and began with vast and unbiased promotion of the other Chinese brands like Tecno and Gionee simply because it was highly affordable to the majority of our readers. we became the first blog to write detailed reviews and specs of Gionee and Tecno Android phones in the world.



Mymobnet.com is a mobile and technology users hub that provides FREE and certified reviews on Phones and Apps, Tech updates and blogging tips. You can ASK questions and receives instant answers all for free!

Mymobnet! deals mainly on the latest happening in the mobile and Technology industry.

You can contact us if you want to make a special inquiry about Mymobnet!

Have a nice day and share the Mymobnet! good news! 🙂

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