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We first got the alert of the new Tecno Q1 Android phone when it officially hit the stores last month from an Official Tecno representative in Nigeria but we waited until now to give you a full review of this unique Tecno Android phone called Tecno Q1. As usual this review is detailed and we advice those that copy and paste Mymobnet! reviews to at least give us a link back.

Design and Packaging:     We have reviewed a lot of phones so far and we have bluntly stated to our readers what we like and what we don’t like about the phones we reviewed without any sentiment attached, so believe us when we say that the Tecno Q1 Android so far has got the best design so far!

Tecno Q1 Android phone pack

Tecno Q1 Android phone pack

This unique Smartphone is packed in a rectangular box and when you unveil the box, you’ll soon recognize that the Tecno Q1 is a wonder to behold. In our other reviews like the Tecno D5 and Infinix X350, I stated that Android lovers are getting tired of the now typical rectangle with curved edges design of almost all the Android phones from China so we say kudos to Tecno mobile for introducing a unique and the first Android phone with a Touch screen and a QWERTY keypad! Tecno Q1 looks like a modified Blackberry Porsche and this will become a blow to Blackberry if we can get more of Android Touch screen phones with QWERTY key pad.

Tecno Q1 Android phone

Tecno Q1 Android phone

Operating System:             We love most things about Tecno Q1. It is loaded with Android 4.0 ICS operating system which is a very nice idea in line with the latest technologies.

Display:        The display of Tecno Q1 is superb. A 2.6 inch screen with a 480*320 resolution will give you an excellent picture quality. Although we dislike it that the screen size of Tecno Q1  is as small as 2.6”, we remind our readers that it is not bad with this phone because it is originally meant not to be touch screen and we are yet to explore what a touch screen and a QWERTY keypad will look like on an Android platform. What we are saying is that the design of the keypad may not let the screen get bigger than this.

Speed: I thought this Tecno Q1 will come with a 256 RAM like the Blackberry Curve 3 but I was surprised that it has a 512 RAM! The Q1 is fast, as fast as needed for it and the apps respond quickly on command.

 Camera: When I reviewed Gionee P1, I wrote that “A nice camera is a great feature most of our readers love to see.” This is so true and Tecno Q1 has the best camera resolution Tecno has offered so far. The 5MP back and 0.3MP front is same with that of the now famous Tecno n7. Of course you need a bigger screen to see the full size of what Tecno Q1 camera can offer. The camera flash accompanied can take an image in a completely dark room (though noisy), and it takes an excellent image in the normal environment. So you get the idea of what this camera looks like?

Tecno Q1 Android phone Camera

Tecno Q1 Android phone Camera

Internet Connectivity:    Tecno Q1 has a 3G (up to HSPDA) which is great for high speed browsing and for Video calling, Live TV streaming, YouTube, heavy file download and etc.

Take a look at the full specs of Tecno Q1.

Tecno Q1 Android phone Features and Specifications:

Operating System:                       Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Network/Data:                  3G (9100/2100 MHZ), EDGE (class 12), GPRS (class 12)

WLAN:                                  WI-FI-802.11 a/b/n

Bluetooth:                           3.0

Display:                                2.6 inch HVGA capacitive Touch screen

Resolution:                         480*320 HVGA

Dimension:                          68*114.5*11.8mm of size

Camera:                                5.0MP primary and 0.3MP secondary, video recording.

Processor:                           1GHz

RAM:                                     512MB

Memory:                              4GB ROM + up to 32GB expandable + 8GB SD

GPS:                                       Yes

Sensor:                                 G-sensor, Proximity sensor and Light sensor

Compass:                             Digital compass

SIM Card:                             Dual SIM

Battery:                                BL-SD 1450mAh

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TECNO Q1 ANDROID PHONE features, specifications and review, 4.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings


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  1. 14th April 2014 | jike glyn says: Reply
    Does TECNO Q1 have Adobe Reader?
    • 14th April 2014 | Chekwas Ojike says: Reply
      Yes you can install Adobe reader and many pdf readers to your Tecno Q1 phone for free
  2. 14th April 2014 | jike glyn says: Reply
    does the TECNO Q1 have PDF features since you indicated it's android 4.0
  3. 24th December 2013 | stacy says: Reply
    I have one for sale just for the fact I dont know how to use it, anyone interested in buying it from me it's a new phone contact me asap on 07031822319
  4. 11th November 2013 | MATHIAS FRANCIS says: Reply
    it is a nice phone actually. but, i dont know if i can downlaod this latest BBM that was being released to android from BBM. And please i need feedback.
    • 11th November 2013 | Chekwas Ojike says: Reply
      Yes you can. I even helped a friend install BBM to his Tecno Q1 Android phone using this guide> http://www.mymobnet.com/install-blackberry-messenger-android-phone-including-tecno-gionee-micromax-huawei-etc-today/
  5. 17th August 2013 | emmanuel says: Reply
    is it true dat all techno phones have specific problems???????
  6. 7th June 2013 | Ajayi Micheal says: Reply
    Love the specifications of this phone. How much is it? nd ao can i get it very urgent
  7. 15th May 2013 | Emmanuel Obajimi says: Reply
    I bought my Q1 for N15,500 and I am an avid user of Tecno phones. I am just waiting for the F7 model to come out.
    • 19th November 2013 | Sam says: Reply
      Please this TECNO Q1 is it touchscreen and keypad enabled. Thanks
      • 19th November 2013 | Chekwas Ojike says: Reply
        Yes, Tecno Q1 is the first Android that came here with QWERTY Key pad and Touchscreen!
  8. 5th May 2013 | Chekwas Ojike says: Reply
    Tecno Q1 is sold about N18,000 in Nigeria
  9. 19th April 2013 | smarktek says: Reply
    I am Interested in the Phone where to Buy in Lagos and for How Much pls send respond to [email protected] Tnks
  10. Adeniyi Musa
    18th April 2013 | Adeniyi Musa says: Reply
    How much is techno Q1
  11. 17th April 2013 | Usman Habu says: Reply
    The phon is nice what is the price
  12. 16th April 2013 | Olawuyi Amaechi says: Reply
    which is better, tecno Q1 or N7. I will appreciate your prompt reply.
  13. Khay Noni
    16th April 2013 | Khay Noni says: Reply
    Love the specifications of this phone. How much is it?
  14. Babatunde Alexander Michael
    16th April 2013 | Babatunde Alexander Michael says: Reply
    How much is the price in Naira and is it available now in market
  15. Babatunde Alexander Michael
    16th April 2013 | Babatunde Alexander Michael says: Reply
    How much in naira

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