how to wipe/hard reset itel itel 1353

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Anonymous asked 1 year ago

i failed to wipe itel it 1353 phone, please i need your assistance

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In-house Geek Staff answered 1 year ago

Resetting your itel1353 is pretty much like other Android phones. But the answer is exactly for your itel1353.

  1. First of all tap on “Forgot Password” from your iNote screen.
  2. Enter the same GMail you used in registering the itel1353 i.e the email you use in the device’s Playstore to install apps.
  3. THen follow the on-screen instructions to retrieve your password.

Once your password is retrieved, you can go to SETTINGS>>BACKUP AND RESET>>FACTORY DATA RESET to wipe your phone!
If the steps #1-3 above didn’t work probably because your device isn’t connected to the internet, simply use a web browser from your PC and visit the GOOGLE RECOVERY PAGE. Login with the gmail account tied to your phone and follow the instructions.
Let me know if this helps. You can always ask another question, anytime!

In-house Geek Staff answered 1 year ago

If non of the steps above worked, then refer to this post to try the hard reset method

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