why my Android (infinix zero 2) is switching off it self?

Questionswhy my Android (infinix zero 2) is switching off it self?
abubakar asked 10 months ago
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In-house Geek Staff answered 10 months ago

There are many reasons why your Android phone turns on and off by itself. The problem is not unique to your Infinix Zero 2 device but to the Operating system which is Android. If you can identify the problem, them you will be able to apply the specific solution to it.

I will proceed to list some of the causes of this issue with their respective solution and of course the hard reset option is the grand solution of all such issue.   Your phone turning on and off is most likely a software issue. So if you can diagnosis it effectively, you will be able to solve the problem without taking it to a technician.

Here are the possible causes and their solutions:

  1.   Application issues:
    Can you remember the last application(s) you installed to your device before the issue began? If you can remember it, try uninstalling all of them. If you can’t try uninstalling some your recent installations. The reason for this is because some applications are known to interfere and conflict with the normal operation of your Android phone which lead to the frequent turning on and off of your smart phone. After uninstalling the applications, re-start your Android phone and monitor it for at most 24 hours. If the problem persists then we will have to try the next option.
  2. Your healthy is your battery?
    Battery life of your device is another known cause of the frequent switching on and off of Android phones. Are the battery terminals not contacting properly? Is the battery faulty? Does it have any issue? If the answer is yes, then you will have to change it immediately! But how will you know if the  battery is really faulty? Thankfully, you need not be an electrician or battery technician to know this. There is a simple short code you can dial from your phone’s dialer to determine that health of your batteries. Open your Android phone dialer screen and dial: *#*#4636#*#* or *#*#INFO#*#* You will use this to confirm the state of your battery. If your battery is OK, I will advice you to pull it out and place it in again. Turn on your phone and watch if the problem will resurface. If the problem isn’t solved yet, then there’s another thing you will have to do!
  3. This last option called HARD RESET is the grand solution.
    It should solve the problem once and for all! Like the name implies, HARD RESET will format your device and reset it back to the factory default setting it came with. THis means that you will loose all your files and installed applications. I have treated how to hard reset your android phone extensively in another article. Kindly take a look at it.


I hope this answer helps. Let us know if you have further issue.

felix wekesa answered 4 months ago

my zero x509 has a very weak network or at times non at all.what could be he problem and what is the soution  

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