How can i download Whatsapp on Java phone like ITEL 5020 Java phone?

QuestionsCategory: Mobile/Tablet HelpHow can i download Whatsapp on Java phone like ITEL 5020 Java phone?
haleemah folashade asked 11 months ago

Please show me how I can download a Java phone WhatsApp on ITEL 5020

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In-house Geek Staff answered 11 months ago

I will show you how you can download Whatsapp messenger to Java phones. Your iTel 5020 is a Java phone so this tutorial should work for you as long as you have enough phone memory to run the Whatsapp program on your Java phone.
How to Download Whatsapp to Java phones:
There is a quick and official way of doing this. I will show you two methods, one is official and trusted while the other is from a third party source. It can be risky as it is not regularly updated.
Note that Java is a very unique and lite platform. Unlike Android and other mobile OS, Java phones uses strictly .jar or .jad format.
The best and official way to download Whatsapp to your phone is: visit the official Whatsapp website from your mobile internet browser: Once the page loads, click on the large green download now box. Whatsapp will automatically detect if your device is supported or not. Do this and let us know if your iTel5020 or any other (Java) phone is supported.
There is a second method one can install Whatsapp to a Java phone that is not really supported. Your device may not be considered adequate for running a Whatsapp app because of the state of your device’s internal memory. Most Java phones have low internal memory.
I advise you to move all your media files and other documents to your SD card before you try installing Whatsapp. Once this is done and most especially, if the official way of visiting Whatsapp website to install it to your phone didn’t work too, then there is a link for the standalone java file.
Download Whatsapp .jar or .jad file to Java phone
Click this link to download the .jar or .jad java installation of Whatsapp.
Once the installation file is downloaded, locate it using your phone’s file manager, and install.
Note that you are using this unofficial option strictly at your own risk! The Whatsapp version in this link is not updated.
Hope this helps. Let me know from the questions page if you need further help.
You can also ask another question here.

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