How to manually set up Etisalat Nigeria Internet connection for phone and Modems

Posted on Feb 17 2016 - 9:48am by In-house Geek

If you want to set up the internet connection for your Etisalat network device, this post will show you how you can easily set up the Etisalat internet connection in 2 minutes! Its very simple, just put in the right values and Presto!

First of all, note that if you purchased an Etisalat modem or data SIM card, you don’t have to alter the default configuration as your gadget has already been set up by Etisalat. All you need do is to simply install the Modem’s program to your system and click to connect.

As for data SIM, simply set up your preferred Data SIM, i.e the SIM card for surfing the internet to the Etisalat data SIM and that’s all!

Etisalat Nigeria

Etisalat Nigeria


Now you can request for Etisalat’s over the air set up free of charge by simply texting some quick codes. This is applicable where your phone or mode is not Etisalat branded.

Simply text Settings to 790

Etisalat will automatically send you the APN settings or packet data settings to your internet enabled phone. If your smartphone supports the Over the Air configuration, do not worry. Etisalat will then send you the automatic internet configuration. All you need do is simply to save the setup that will come your way!

Manual Etisalat Internet configuration:

Just in case your phone doesn’t support any of these options, or it does but you want to do it yourself, you will simply have to input the following values into your phones internet settings page,

Most Windows phones would prefer this method and its quite simple to do. Find the values below!

internet settings
title values
→ account name = etisalat internet
→ username = (please leave it blank)
→ password = (please leave it blank)
→ access point name (apn) = etisalat
→ home page =
→ ip address =

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