Here’s how incredibly fast 5G can be in 3 seconds!

Posted on Aug 19 2016 - 9:05pm by In-house Geek

When all the hype is all 4G and 3G in some developing countries, the world is going 5G and we think you shouldn’t be left behind!

Have you ever imagined surfing the net with a 5G network? Have you ever thought of it, with a tiny 5G icon sitting on your network bar? We thought about it too and now we have an idea on how incredibly fast 5G data speed can be only in 3 seconds!

In a screenshot we made, credit to Linghe Zhao/Getty images, here is what we think you should know too about 5G:

  1. 5G network can transfer data at a whooping speed of 10GB/second!
  2. In 3 seconds, you could download 1 HD movie! That’s super-fast, isn’t? Almost like in a twinkle of an eye! OMG!
  3. In 3 seconds you could upload 36,621 pictures on Instagram! Yes you heard us right!!!
  4. In 3 seconds you could send/download 267,571 text messages!

All this sounds incredible, doesn’t it? But we can’t wait!

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