Gionee ELife E5 Android phone specification review and price

Posted on Oct 6 2013 - 10:48am by In-house Geek

Gionee mobile’s ELife E5 is presently making waves in the market and we have here the detailed specifications review of this innovative Android device with a 16GB ROM and 1.5GHz Quad core!

Before we continue, we must comment that Gionee is a no nonsense company. They are not that more concerned about sales than quality little wonder their devices are more durable and get reviewed by more Tech blogs than many other low cost Android devices.

Now lets look at the specifications review of this great device.

Hardware and Design:

The design of the ELife E5 is a bit unique when compared to the hundreds of Android devices in the market. It has a little curved edge almost like that of the classic Gionee Dream D1 and it looks mature and masculine.

Gionee ELife E5 Android phone

Gionee ELife E5 Android phone

It is something you will love to own. The body is plastic which is most suitable in order to make it affordable.

Operating System:

The Android version of the ELife E5 Android device is the Jellybean 4.2 this is about the best Android version now with more support as the 4.3 and the new 4.4 is still not available in many devices and lack less support from developers. We trust that Gionee shall release an OTA update of the OS if necessary.

So the jellybean 4.2 is cool and will make you cherish your ELife 5 the more.


Gionee devices still remains our preferred phones for the best technology in display and Gionee ELife E5 isn’t an exception! This device comes with an AMOLED display which gives you a distinct colour contrast and saturation and it also has a High definition resolution which other Phone manufacturers may consider unnecessary considering the fact that this phone is just 4.8 inch screen device. We appreciate Gionee mobile for giving their users these innovative features at low cost! Now only few will know that the screen and display of any device of any phone determines greatly the final price of that device, it contributes up to the 45% of the price!


The CPU of this Gionee ELife E5 is quad core Cortex A7 and the processor speed is 1.5GHz. This makes the Gionee ELife E5 the fastest device we have reviewed this month! You know what? This device loads more specs than the low cost Phablets that has filled our market now!


Gionee never forgot that you love to capture a colourful event. The primary and secondary cameras of this phone are superb. The front is 5MP while the back is 8MP. Whichever one you use, a great shot is guaranteed!

The video recording is High definition and when the camera was tested, it can actually capture the picture of a moving object without getting blurred; this is great, isn’t it?


The internet is excellent. A 3G connection with a WI-FI is what we see in it. You can connect your other gadgets and PCs with your favourite WI-FI hotspot.

Gionee’s networks have more bands than that of any Tecno device.

Bluetooth, GPS and radio is also supported in this device.


The RAM is 1GB and the ROM is 16GB!


The battery isn’t bad, although we would have loved a bigger than 2000mAh battery but it is still ok.


This device is sold about $200 in the market. Price may vary from region to region.

See the full specifications of Gionee ELife E5 here.

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