5 Reasons why you should purchase Android systems over Apple’s iOS

Posted on Mar 8 2016 - 12:04pm by In-house Geek

The surge for the new Android devices is at last over now! So, the question is which one you should buy for yourself? If you are one of those people who do not take the decisions too quickly, then there is a good chance that you can indulge in the world of smartphones and reflect upon which one to buy. Apart from the huge shocking choice of devices brought forth in the market, there is one more thing which you should also consider: the operating system. Either it can be Apple iOS or the Google Android or the Microsoft Windows; so which one to select? Here are some suggestions which can help to summarize the best and worst features of various OS.

Devices: It is rather a number game, quite plain and simple. If you are searching for choices in devices, then the android gives you one. You might come across some of the brands which you have never heard of. There are also some of the fake ones in the market which look like Android. The thing is that the choice still exists and some of the top vendors are selling excellent devices. The whole market is full of competitors who are trying to outdo each other, even before they get official recognition from the Apple or Microsoft.

Those vendors who are using the Windows have some choice left with them, like the company HTC is loading Windows 8 on the mobile phones. Although, there are more options present on the Android devices, Android gives the users a ready-made, open-source and convenient platform, which most people require for the OS in devices.

Android or Apple?

Android or Apple?

User Interface Offshoots: Availability of multiple devices also means that there are different versions of Android, which try their best to differentiate their devices from others. There are some of the truly eye-catching skins present today in the market, most vend by Sony and LG. Samsung and HTC present the devices which offer more usability. In these versions, the apps on the devices automatically change themselves depending upon the location of the user.

The bulk of the vendors in the market are using the Android devices, which add up a lot of competition and innovation, which can help to take a lot of offshoots. In this way, people will be able to take more offshoots in order to use that particular brand.

Community and customization: Android works upon a very strong community linkage of developers and tech enthusiasts which truly drive the platform. Android provides an open source platform which permits people to enjoy all the benefits. Mostly, all the help, info and tools are provided to the users without any cost. Users can easily install alternate versions of the Android OS and can also remove the pre-installed apps and get more performance out of a single device. The thing over here is not just about numbers, it is also about who gets in the app list first for each activity which a user could imagine! The Android community, however, is more enthusiastic about modern requirements.

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